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Hey. My name is William. Please don't call me Will for short if you can help it. If you HAVE to, call me Willy. I mainly reblog Homestuck, and other things that catch my eye on my dash. That said, I'm not really what you call a special snowflake.

I also like anthros (furries, fauna, whatever you want to call them), Minecraft, nature, various arts, and My Little Pony (though I'm not as big of a fan as I used to). Admittedly, I have a bit of a bias against live action and to some extent 3D animation. I also draw sometimes, BUT I AM NOT VERY GOOD AT IT. Lastly, if you have to know, I go by the username TheMayorOfChaopolis on Chao Island.
Jun 9 '13
I’ve been spending the past half hour trying to get this last emerald piece. 

I’ve been spending the past half hour trying to get this last emerald piece.


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    turn on your spy scope and hit a spring to get it
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